Extra services

Extra SIM card

Extra SIM, also known as twin SIM, lets you have up to 3 SIM cards with the same number. Perfect if you need a SIM for your tablet, watch or an extra phone.

How Extra SIM works

Your mobile number is displayed, no matter which SIM card you are using to call and send SMS. When you receive calls, all the phones/units ring at once.

SMS are delivered to all devices. SMS from a special number and MMS, are only received on the Main SIM card.

Everything you do on the Extra SIM card uses the amount of data and international minutes in your plan.

What does Extra SIM cost?

Right now, it is free to establish Extra SIM, and there is also no monthly fee.

How do I activate it?

You activate Extra SIM on My Page. You can choose between a physical SIM card and eSIM. With eSIM, you don't have to pick it up or wait for it the mail, and you can start using it right away. Read more about eSIM here.

If you’re a new customer, you can order once your plan is active.