Data speed, 4G and coverage

Norways fastest mobile network and best 4G coverage

In Norways biggest coverage test, conducted by, shows that MyCall has the best 4G coverage, and Ookla's speed test shows that MyCall has the fastest 4G network in Norway. Both tests are performed in 2016.

Enda et flott eksempel på en god bildetekst.

MyCall has no limits on the data speed!

When you surf the Internet on 3G or 4G, you can expect a speed between 55 - 280 mbit/s. Theoretical maximum speed is 375 Mbit/s

Speed can vary depending on different factors:

  • If you are inside og outside
  • Thick walls (like brick, concrete, etc) can slow down the speed
  • Good speed need good 3G or 4G coverage in the area you are.
  • Many mobile users who "fight" about the capacity in the same area can lower the expected speed.
  • The speed is best where it is short distance to the cell tower.
  • To achieve theoretical maximum speed your phone must support 4G+. performed coverage test in May 2016 and Ookla's speed test are from measurements during Q2 and Q3 2016. Speedtest is a trademark of Ookla, LLC. Used under license. 

Coverage map