Important information regarding Directory Enquiry services

How have I been affected?
Your mobile number has been listed at Directory Enquiry services for a short time

Have you corrected the error that led to this?
Yes! The error was quickly corrected by us in that we sent updated lists to Directory Enquiries services where we asked they remove customers who were reserved. All directory inquiries services have confirmed that all affected numbers have been deleted

What is MyCall doing to ensure that this does not happen again?
MyCall has undergone routines and implemented regular quality checks to prevent this from recurring and to prevent customers from experiencing the risk of misuse of personal data.

Why do I still find my mobile number at Directory Enquiries services?
f your information is still available at Directory Enquiries services, this is because these services also use sources other than the mobile operators, such as and registration directly at f.ex

If you wish to be deleted from their directory/register, please contact the relevant Directory Enquiries service. - 22 74 92 80 - 22 74 92 80 - 22 55 10 20 - 901 46 034 - 901 61 310