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Explanation of invoice



As a new customer, you pay the subscription fee both for the month you became a customer, and for the coming month. This means that if, for example, you have ordered the subscription on the 15th of the month, you will see only half the monthly fee on the invoice. You also get only half of the included call minutes, SMS / MMS and data. 

After the first invoice you only get one monthly subscription fee per invoice.


The reason for this is usually the use of services that are not included in the monthly subscription:

  • Calls to special numbers (eg. 5-digit numbers)
  • Content Services (such as parking fees or voting by SMS)
  • Used more than what is included in your mobile plan 
  • Use of phone abroad

See page two of the invoice for the full explanation of mobile usage. You can also view call details on My Pages.

What happens if I forget to pay an invoice?

If you forget to pay the invoice, you will receive a reminder from us via SMS, but if we have not received the payment within 2 weeks from the due date, there will be a reminder fee of 35, - added to the next invoice. If the invoice hasn’t been paid before the reminders due date, an additional fee of NOK 35 will be added to the next invoice.

If you have not paid the invoice or the reminder invoice by the due date, your subscription will be blocked with a closing fee of NOK 249, which will be added to the next invoice.

Debt Collection

Invoices that are not paid by the due date will be transferred to debt collection. For the fastest possible reopening, the debt collection case must be paid via our invoice partner, Kredinor. You can log on their site in with bankID to find the payment information you need.


Pay invoice with Vipps

Pay your invoice with Vipps!

Vipps and eFaktura have joined forces to deliver eFaktura in the Vipps app, online bank and mobile bank.

For you as a customer, this means that you must activate the receipt of eFaktura in your online bank and in the Vipps app if you wish to receive it there.

All companies that offer eFaktura will automatically be able to send your bills in Vipps and in the online bank. You can reserve yourself from individual companies in your online bank.

If you do not want an invoice in Vipps, you can turn this off in the app under "payment options".

For more information about the service, please visit



You may pay for all our mobile plans with faktura. If you are a Mycall customer not paying with an invoice go to Min Side to change.

Reminders and debt collection


Reminders and debt collection

If we do not receive your payment by the due date, we will send a reminder with a late payment fee. Upon further delay, the invoice will be sent to a collection agency. This may add additional costs for you.

If you have received a payment reminder or collection notice on something you have already paid, you can disregard the notification or reminder.

If you have questions about debt collection (inkasso), please contact Kredinor collection on telephone 21609200.

Content services


Content services

Content services are services ordered and delivered via SMS, MMS or internet.

The price of the service is determined by the content provider. Examples of content services may be:

  • Inquiries from 1880 and 1881
  • Purchase of goods where you use your mobile phone to pay (such as parking meters)
  • Voting (eg Norway’s Talents or the Eurovision Song Contest)
  • Ringtones, games and wallpapers
  • Services of telephone banking



Many content services are subscription based. This means that the supplier charges you regularly per week or per month for continual usage of the service. You can cancel the service by sending the code word STOP or STOPP to the number you receive the service from.

You can also contact Mycall Customer Service to get all such services blocked.

  • We offer the following limitations for content services:
  • Barring for receiving all content services
  • Barring of calls to premium rate numbers

Limit the amount for content services: you can set a certain limit (for example, 100kr) per month to be used for the content services. Then only this amount will be deducted from your subscription / prepaid card per calendar month for the use of the content services.


When your phone connects to a foreign network, we will send you an SMS with the prices for the country you are in. It costs nothing to receive this.

  • To stop price info via SMS while abroad: Send SMS STOP to 75025
  • To start the service again, send SMS START to 75025


Complaints and questions about the content services can be directed to Mycall, which takes the case further with the content provider. If wish to contact the content provider directly, you can do so as well. Some content providers have several short telephone numbers that can appear on your invoice.

On 1 November, all Teletorg services (820/822/829 number) will be transferred from the mobile operators to Strex. This is due to an EU requirement, which also limits how much you can spend via Strex.
Limits on the use of Strex
The table below shows the limits for payment with Strex. The limits depend on whether the user is registered with Strex and the user’s age, and whether a payment card has been registered with Strex. Register with Strex and you will get a higher limit. Read more

Invoice fee


Invoice fee

If you receive an invoice on paper by mail, there is a fee of 5 kr per month/invoice. If you wish to drop paying this fee, you can choose to receive the invoice by email (It's FREE - you can choose this on My Pages) or receive electronic invoices (Efaktura) from your bank. You choose Efaktura in your online banking system after you have paid your first invoice from Mycall.

No extra charge for data overusage

Never again extra charge for data usage

No surprises on the invoice!

Once you have used your included data quota, data speed is reduced to 64Kbit/s. You will still be able to use the internet, but it will be slower than you are used to. We do this so that you are not billed for overuse.

This way you have FULL CONTROL of your data usage and your costs every month.

How does it work?

You will receive 2 SMS with information on how much data you have left.

SMS nr 1:
Sent to you when you have almost used all of your included data quota.

SMS nr 2:
Sent to you when you have used 100% of your included data quota and have 0 MB left.

If you need more data at full speed, you will be offered to purchase data packets on SMS. We have 4 data packages that can be ordered by SMS or via MyPages.


Read more about our data packages

If you often run out of data, consider changing your mobile plan. You can easily do this in MyPages and selecting Change mobile plan.