Never again extra charge for data usage

No surprises on the invoice!

Once you have used your included data quota, data speed is reduced to 64Kbit/s. You will still be able to use the internet, but it will be slower than you are used to. We do this so that you are not billed for overuse.

This way you have FULL CONTROL of your data usage and your costs every month.

How does it work?

You will receive 2 SMS with information on how much data you have left.

SMS nr 1:
Sent to you when you have almost used all of your included data quota.

SMS nr 2:
Sent to you when you have used 100% of your included data quota and have 0 MB left.

If you need more data at full speed, you will be offered to purchase data packets on SMS. We have 4 data packages that can be ordered by SMS or via MyPages.


Read more about our data packages

If you often run out of data, consider changing your mobile plan. You can easily do this in MyPages and selecting Change mobile plan.