Mobile prices abroad

Mobile prices when you call or send SMS / MMS abroad

Are You Travelling by Boat or Plane?

The different airlines and ferry companies have their own satellite networks, that you use onboard. These networks have their own prices and it can quickly become expensive.

If roaming services are provided under the contract, we provide access to those roaming services in the EU/EEA that you use domestically (voice, SMS, mobile data) and that are provided by the visiting EU/EEA country operators, to the same or better quality as domestically (e.g. speed, latency, availability), but we note that in certain EU/EEA countries the services provided by specific operators may be provided on less favorable terms due to objective technological capabilities, i.e. the availability of certain technologies (at least the same generation of networks (e.g. 4G, 5G), coverage, requirements to ensure network integrity, or variation due to external factors (e.g. topography).

If the deviations in the quality of the services of the operator of the visited country are significant from the parameters provided for in the contract (e.g. deviations from the advertised or maximum speed) and they significantly affect your use of specific services (e.g. high network loads may slow down large-scale data transmission, block video streaming, disrupt the use of interactive services), please let us know in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the contract, we will investigate this situation in accordance with our obligations to you.