Mobile prices abroad

Mobile prices when you call or send SMS / MMS abroad

Usage in Nederland

For mobile usage that is not included in your subscription

Call to Norway
0.59* pr. min
Mobile data usage
2.49** pr. MB
Receive calls
0.00 pr. min
Send SMS
0.59* pr. SMS
Send MMS
0.99* pr. MMS
Receive MMS-messages
2.49** pr. MB
Call locally
0.59* pr. min
0.59* pr. min
Call Europe
5.00 pr. min
Call world
19.00 pr. min
Dial up price per call

*This price applies to overconsumption beyond what is included in your existing Mycall Eu+ / Mycall Global package. Other prices apply when calling with satellite (example ferry, boat, plane).

** 2,49kr applies to prepaid customers who use their balance (remember that data packages has Roam Like Home). 0,99kr applies to package products /subscription customers that over consume more than what the package already contain. Other prices apply when calling with satellite (example ferry, boat, plane).

Premium-rate and emergency numbers

Nederland: +31

Number Name/description Additional information
800 Freephone Numbers
900 Premium-Rate numbers
906 Premium-Rate numbers
909 Premium-Rate numbers
84 Other personal numbering
87 Premium-Rate numbers personal numbering
Accessibility information Description Download link Additional information
Emergency applications 112NL APP For all kind of users voice, video, photo and chatfunction which translates 109 languages into Dutch Download 112NL app is found in both Google Playstore and Apple's Appstore
Relay services speech, text or video SIP: By means of Tolkcontact-app, found in both Playstore and Appstore
Accessibility information Type Description link Download link Additional information
Automatic Cell Broadcast Read more