Have you bought a start package?

– Remember that it must be registered before use.

Startpakke for kontantkort1. Insert the SIM card in your phone. 

2. Register the SIM card before use. (You must have a Norwegian social security number or a D-number to register the start package online. Read the section below if you don't have the numbers above)

3. Top-up your balance, data or buy a mobile plan.

Register SIM card here


Register WITHOUT Norwegian social security number or D-number?

Fill out the registration form inside the start package and deliver it to a MyCall reseller near you, or to our shop in Brugata. Remember to bring a valid ID.



Top-up your balance, data or mobile plan

In the MyCall app, on the web/Min Side, or at one of our resellers.

Top-up steder

Kjøp i butikk

FlexiCard is an account balance sold in stores. Buy a FlexiCard with the same amount of balance as the product you wish to order.

1. Buy and activate a FlexiCard with the amount you need.

2. Send an SMS to 06160 with a code word to activate a data package or a mobile plan

3. Recieve a confirmation by SMS and you are ready to use your product!  

Find all SMS codewords here

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Download the MyCall app!

With the MyCall app you get full control and overview of your usage.

Check your usage, top-up your balance, buy data packages and mobile plans!


Read more about the MyCall app