NOK 0 for mobile Bank-ID with MyCall

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NOK 0 for mobile Bank-ID with MyCall

Did you know that some telco charge a fee to use mobile Bank-ID services? With MyCall, it is completely free to use mobile Bank-ID in Norway!

The advantage of mobile Bank-ID is that you avoid having to use the password calculator. You easily activate this service with online banking. Then you have easy access, not only to your accounts, but also to NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), Altinn and other public services.


The advantage with mobile Bank-ID is that you always carry it with you, explains Mikkel Hestveen, Product Manager at MyCall.

Du slipper å bruke kodebrikken
– Having BankID makes your phone your way of identifying yourself.

- With BankID, you also have a backup in case you lose your password calculator, which is not uncommon. Here, you can use services, just like with online banking. Bills can be paid and you can use it for identification and signing with Norwegian banks, real estate agents and other financial institutions, Hestveen informs.

- Our services are free of charge for MyCall’s customers in Norway. Some companies charge a fee to use Bank-ID, but not us. If you pay your bills via your mobile phone, a fee is charged for each verification message that is sent to the Bank-ID system. Many small fees become big fees over time. With MyCall, you don’t have to worry about this. There are no fees in Norway!

Ingen gebyrer i Norge!
– No fees for using BankID! It's a part of our DNA to bring you better terms and services


Mobile Bank-ID is protected with your own PIN code. It can be used securely to pay bills, shop online, transfer money and for identification purposes; the same services performed with online banking. The advantage is that you can do this anywhere, whether you are out travelling or without access to your computer, or if you are simply unable to find your password calculator.


  • Sign in to online banking. Bank-ID is often located under “Settings”, but it may vary depending on the bank. Contact the bank if you are uncertain.
  • Enter your mobile phone number. Then follow the instructions provided.
  • The next time you sign in, you use your own PIN code.

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