Complete control with a 30-day pre-paid package

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Complete control with a 30-day pre-paid package

There are various ways to pay, when you buy MyCall products. The aim is that you, as a customer, have complete control over usage and expenses.

It’ always nice with a payment method that allows you to avoid paying for more than you want or need to. MyCall has various alternatives to paying - choose the one that suits you!


You can pay in advance for a package that lasts for 30 days. When the package expires, you can decide whether you wish to buy another one or not. With a pre-paid 30 day package, you always have complete control over your usage and you avoid overuse, because you are only able to use what is in the package - nothing more! No credit checks, no contract and no post-invoicing. You can simply order via text message or in the MyCall app!

First, you need to buy a FlexiCard in one of our 7,000 dealers and top up your minutes with the value on the FlexiCard. Remember to buy a FlexiCard with the same value as the product package you wish to buy. Then, you either open the app and order the product directly or you can send a text message to 06160 with the correct text password for the product. Check all text passwords on

Med en forhåndsbetalt 30 dagers-pakke har du alltid full kontroll over ditt forbruk.
– Choosing the right package for you helps you save money, and always be prepared.


You may also choose to buy this monthly 30 day pre-paid package with your bank card. Then you avoid having to pay for it again and again - this happens automatically, if you prefer. The cost for the product will be debited from your bank card each month. You continue to pay in advance and, therefore, you always have complete control over the usage. You know what you are paying for at all times and avoid surprises.
The packages can be bought in the MyCall app or at All you need to do is to choose which product you want and then provide your card details! No credit checks, no contractual period and no overuse here either.


The final payment method is by invoice. This method requires a credit check and you will be invoiced for an ongoing subscription, each month, in arrears. But remember: with MyCall, you avoid contractual periods no matter the payment method.