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A good colleague

With a view over the fjord and Trondheim, Krzysztof Wiklandt has found the perfect home for himself and his family. The artisan spent ten whole years rebuilding the house in Trolla.

Krzysztof jobbet både i Oslo, Sandefjord og Trysil.
Krzysztof worked in Oslo, Sandefjord and Trysil before finally ending up in Trolla
He has just come back from a piano lesson with his daughter and is in a hurry, as he is travelling the following day. In other words, Krzysztof has eased right into Norwegian society, where families are rushing to and from activities.- Tuesday is actually the busiest day, because both the children have activities. My wife and I just manage to say hello to one another before we take the children to their respective activities, Krzysztof smiles.


Krzysztof har bodd i Norge i 15 år. Han var ferdig med videregående skole i Polen, og jobbet for et firma etablert i hjemlandet.«Vi ble sendt på oppdrag til ulike steder i Norge. Jeg jobbet først i Oslo i tre måneder, så i Sandefjord i to måneder, og en kort periode i Trysil, før turen gikk til Trondheim. Der ble jeg ansatt gjennom et bemanningsbyrå, og etter tre måneder ble jeg spurt om jeg ville jobbe for Næringsbygg.»
Krzysztof er med på å gjennomføre en rekke krevende og interessante byggeprosjekter.
Krzysztof has an important role in several demanding and interesting projects
Krzysztof started work for his new company on 1 March 2007 and has lived in Trondheim since. He has completed an apprenticeship to become a carpenter and is now studying for his master certification. He likes the job and has been chosen as employee of the month. At the time, Krzysztof said that he believed it was a positive thing to create values.

- Later, I can drive past a home I have helped build. See that it is finished and works as it should.


Krzysztof and his wife come from different parts of Poland. 
- She lived in the south of Poland and I come from the north. So, we did not meet there, but rather in Norway, where we worked for the same company. Some years ago, Krzysztof and his wife bought an old house in Trolla. 
- We went for a viewing and it turned into a “wow” experience. The surroundings were lovely with a nice view of the sea. We knew we had to have this house.

It is a completely different mentality here in Norway. You go on trips no matter what.

This was the beginning of many years of rebuilding to turn it into the dream house. In the meantime, they have also had two children, Julie (9) and Maximilian (7). 

- We can walk to Bymarka from here and it only takes eight minutes to walk to the sea. We often go on family trips for walks in forests and fields. It is not like that in Poland. It is a completely different mentality here in Norway. You go on trips no matter what. There are also lovely areas behind the house and the children get out their sledges, as soon as it starts snowing. They also like skating and enjoy being outdoors. 

- We also barbeque when the weather is nice and enjoy ourselves in the garden. If the weather is bad, we pop to the town to do shopping and have lunch. Max, as they call him, is also an active football player and some weekends are taken up by cups and football matches.


Krzysztof started fishing in Poland and he has brought this interest with him to Norway. 
- I lived in a village in Poland with 8,000 inhabitants. It was a very pleasant place, where everyone knew each other. We children were out and played by the lake and often camped in tents. We went fishing and had fun.
Det å være blid og positiv når du møter andre mennesker er viktig.
Being happy and having a positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to building friendships and being a good colleague
Norway is a paradise for recreational fishermen and Krzysztof is making the most of it. He is good at getting himself out on trips, whenever he has time. 
- Now and again, we travel to Hitra and rent a cabin and a boat. The children come along and we go out to sea. Julie is the more patient one, whereas Maximilian is restless and does not have time to wait for the catch. He will quickly find something else to do, Krysztof chuckles. During the week, there is not a lot of time for fishing, but the family plans to rent a mobile home and drive to Lofoten in the summer. 
- One year, we rented a mobile home and drove to Sweden. That time, we spent the night in Åre and Östersund and that was great fun for the children. It was a short trip, because we did not have much time. But we are hoping for more days and more fishing, when we travel to Lofoten.


Hver torsdag har Trolla IL treninger i gymsalen på Ila skole. Krzysztof og venner fra Trolla startet et volleyballag, som er blitt veldig populært.«Akkurat nå trener jeg ikke på grunn av ryggen. Men fysioterapeuten gir meg lov til å starte på igjen i januar, og det gleder jeg meg til.»Tid med familien er viktig for Krzysztof. Han har også veldig god kontakt med familien i Polen, og snakker med mora hver dag.«Jeg ringer mora mi hver dag når jeg kjører hjem fra jobben i Orkanger. Det er en lang vei, vet du, så da ringer jeg hjem. Hun besøker oss også to ganger i året. Hun er pensjonist og har muligheten til det. Kona og jeg hadde 10-årsjubileum for ikke så lenge siden, og ønsket å ta en tur sammen. Da kom mora mi og var her med barna,» forteller Krzysztof.

- Norwegians are not that complicated. It is easier to live here and come into contact with people.

Krzysztof’s wife has a brother who lives in Ler outside Trondheim and her other brother lives in Poland. 
- Uncle will be coming from Poland to watch the children, when we go on a trip tomorrow. We have a close relationship with the family.
Krzysztof har tatt fagbrev som snekker.
Krzysztof har tatt fagbrev som snekker, og jobber nå for å ta mesterbrev.


Every country has its features, food, people and mentality, according to Krzysztof. But he thinks the meeting with Norway and the Norwegians has been nice. 
- Norwegians are not that complicated. It is easier to live here and come into contact with people. In Poland, people work long days, while here, I work from 7 am to 3 pm and I can spend more time on family and friends. 
This is particularly important for Krzysztof. He has a very good relationship with the neighbours. They help each other when they can. Even though traditions are different, both at holidays and other occasions, this does not create discord in any way. Krzysztof says it is important to be cheerful and positive when you meet new people - making good friendships and being a good colleague.

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