Mobile purchases without interest and extra costs

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Mobile purchases without interest and extra costs

Does it sound too good to be true? At MyCall, you don’t pay an extra penny, if you choose to pay off your phone little by little with PartPay. 

Now, you can buy your mobile and pay for it in parts, without increasing the total cost. With PartPay, you can choose to pay in instalments over 12, 24 or 36 months - with zero interest and extra costs. The total price will remain the same, whether you pay at once or choose PartPay. Genius!


Find your dream phone at and choose a payment method. Your phone will be sent to you in the post. The payment comes later via individual invoice and if you have chosen to pay with PartPay, the price will be added to the invoice, little by little, each month, depending on your chosen payment period. You avoid interest, invoicing costs and administrative costs. The only additional cost you pay is postage.
Find a subscription that suits you. There is no contractual period.You must be a MyCall customer to be able to make use of this offer. You have a complete overview over purchases and payments on MyPages. The invoice will also show updated status of the repayment period. 

Get in touch with customer service on 06160 if you've got your eye on something. They will answer any of your questions about purchases and payment methods.