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MyCall Shop

Did you know that over 5 000 shops, kiosks and petrol stations sell MyCall? MyCall also has its own shops, both physically and online. 

If you wish to visit a MyCall shop, all you have to do is to come to Brugata 1 in Oslo. Here, you will receive great help in relation to buying a mobile, subscription and other product packages. Many people find is easier to meet people face-to-face when they do their shopping and this shop lets you do exactly that. To make it easier for customers, you can get personal service in various languages. In this way, it becomes easier for customers to convey what they want.

great OFFERS

MyCall wants you to have an enjoyable experience and are focussed on you getting good customer service. You receive simple help with transferring your subscription from other operators. The shop has all the MyCall products and sells mobiles with PartPay - mobile purchases without interest and extra costs. If you have questions regarding porting, complaints or form completion, you will receive great help from our employees, available in various languages.  You will always find good offers as a MyCall customer.
In the MyCall shop, you can buy your starting package/SIM, replacement SIM, recharge card, subscription, phones and accessories. (link til MyCall Shop i kart, evt. produkter og bilder – this is description for a link, does not need translation) 

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10-18
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