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New to Norway?

It is easier to live and work in Norway when you have a Norwegian mobile phone number.

If you choose MyCall as your mobile phone provider, you receive a complete Norwegian mobile phone subscription with international minutes included and plenty of data at a low price. All in one package!
Lurt å skaffe seg et norsk mobilabonnement
– Regardless of how long you are here for, getting a local SIM is a good idea
One of the first things you want to know when arriving in a new country, is what is the simplest and best way to keep in touch with family and friends back home. Regardless of whether you have come to Norway for a short or long-term stay, it is wise to obtain a Norwegian mobile phone subscription.

MyCall offers various subscriptions and package products that are perfectly suited for your exact needs. Among other things, you personally choose what package product you want depending on what country you most often call, how much data you want and how you want to pay for this service.

MyCall offers you complete control of costs and usage by offering prepaid, 30-day packages – with no commitments or credit checks.
If you use a foreign subscription and mobile phone number, it will be expensive for people in Norway to call you.
If you call often, you may also notice that the subscription from your home country is expensive to use in Norway. Your number will also be anonymous and unfamiliar when you call to Norwegian numbers. Calls from an unknown, foreign number can often be perceived as unreliable and suspicious.
This can make it more difficult for you in relation to work.Other advantages of having a Norwegian mobile phone subscription and phone number, include the option of using Norway’s most important payment service, VIPPS.
If you have an account with a Norwegian bank, it will also be easier to use services such as mobile banking if you have a Norwegian phone number.Get in touch with us to obtain a starter package and get started with a Norwegian mobile phone subscription quickly and easily!
Dyrt for folk som bor i Norge å ringe deg
Getting in touch with friends and family makes a good day great


  • If you have your personal ID number or a D number available, you can order a starter package or register it directly at for NOK 49.
  • You can also purchase the same starter package from one of our vendors ( and send an SMS including name and personal ID number. The subscription will then be ready for use within a few minutes.
  • If you do not have a personal ID number or a D number, you will have to go to a shop, purchase a starter package for NOK 49, and complete a form with the vendor. We will register you within 24 hours on ordinary business days. Remember to bring a valid photo ID!
    You can pay with cash or card in the shops. At you pay using bank card, VISA or MasterCard.
Are you finding it difficult to get started? Call us at 06160, or chat with us, and we will help you!

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