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MyCalls treatment of personal information.

MyCall offers telecommunications services, including mobile telephony (cash and subscriptions)

For its business, MyCall processes personal information about customers, for example information about name, telephone number, address, social security number, subscription, traffic data, as well as other information necessary to complete the delivery of the services. The personal information will mainly be received directly from the customer.

The purpose of MyCall processing of personal data is to fulfill the contractual relationship with the customer, including carrying out the delivery of the services, invoicing and providing the customer with the best possible service. The personal data of the customer will only be processed for as long and to the extent necessary to fulfill such purposes. MyCall will also use the information as a basis for distributing information to the customer about MyCall's services and necessary information related to the customer's contractual relationship. MyCall may also send such information via electronic communication, cf. The Marketing Control Act §2 b. 

In connection with subscribing to a postpaid subscription for mobile phone or broadband telephony, MyCall also performs a credit assessment of the customer and in this connection collects credit information from credit information companies. The credit information is only used in connection with subscribing to the subscription and is not stored by MyCall.

MyCall uses data processors, partners and suppliers to be able to offer customers telecommunications services. To the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the agreement with the customer, such third parties will have access to the customers' personal information. If MyCall leaves the processing of personal data to third parties, this is done in accordance with a separate agreement with these that ensures the protection of the customer's privacy. Disclosure of personal data will also take place if this is required by law or is part of payment collection (debt collection) and accounting.

According to the Electronic Communications Act MyCall is obliged to maintain silence about the content of electronic communication and others' use of electronic communication, including information about technical devices and procedures. Disclosure of such information will only take place to data processors who have a factual need for this in order to process personal data on MyCall's behalf and under an order of confidentiality. Courts, prosecuting authorities and other public authorities may nevertheless obtain such information in cases where this is authorized by law. All telecommunications operators are required by law to provide customers' names, addresses and telephone numbers of directory and directory inquiries, unless the customer has reserved himself against such disclosure. If the customer wishes to make a reservation against this, customer service must be contacted.

The customer has the opportunity to demand access to the personal information MyCall has registered and what kind of processing this it is subjected to. If the information registered about the customer is incorrect or incomplete, the customer can correct this via "My page" on the Internet. Furthermore, the customer may demand that incorrect or incomplete information be corrected, supplemented or deleted by contacting MyCall's customer service. 

MyCall deletes personal data when the need for processing is no longer present and in accordance with the requirements that follow from the regulations in force at any given time. If an invoice has not been paid, or a legal dispute arises about the payment obligation, MyCall can store traffic data until the claim has been settled or settled in court. Once the invoice has been settled, MyCall can save the total amount in addition to the name and address of the customer.

MyCall is responsible for the processing of personal data mentioned here. MyCall has its business address at Sandakerveien 140, 0484 Oslo.

Consent to MyCall's processing of personal data is voluntary, and the customer can withdraw the consent at any time. Such a recall may, however, lead to MyCall no longer being able to deliver the agreed services and products to the customer and may thus result in the customer relationship being terminated.