Top-up via SMS

Easy to top-up with Mycall

1. How do I top-up via SMS?

This is how you do it:

Example: Send 6GB to 06160

You can buy the following data packages via SMS

Data packagePriceSMS code wordTo number
1 GB79 kr
3 GB149 kr
6 GB219 kr
10 GB299 kr

When you buy top-ups via SMS the amount will be withdrawn from your account balance. If you have a stored bank card profile, the amount will be withdrawn from your bank card.

2. Top-up your account balance with a stored bank card profile.

You will need to store your bank card information to create a profile.

This is how you top-up via SMS:

Send: LADE <AMOUNT> to 06160

Top up your prepaid SIM from MyCall via SMS

This is how you create a bank card profile

To store your bank card information you need to do a payment on When you type in your bank card information, you must check the "store your bank card information" check box.

You can top-up quicker and simpler on, via SMS or by calling 06160, now that you have a bank card profile.

3. Activate your top-up code via SMS

If you have bought a top-up code at one of our resellers, you can also activate your top-up code via SMS.

Send: KODE <your top-up code> to 06160 and get a reply by SMS when you have topped-up. This service is free.

Register your top up voucher from MyCall via SMS