FIFA World Cup is here - great deal on all data packages!

Double the data, Double the Football - Same low price



We're celebrating this year’s FIFA World Cup with a super deal on all data packages. During the tournament you will get double data – for the same low price. To get the deal, you have to:

1. Activate the offer by sending SMS <VMDATA> to 06160.
2. Buy a data package on web, via SMS or in store

You only need to activate the deal once, and you will automatically receive double data every time you buy a data package from the 14th of June to the 15th of July.

Enjoy – and have a GREAT summer!


Approximation on data use consuming content: 



Data usage (approx.)

Football match in HD

2 h

3 GB

Netflix (@ 1080p)

1 h movie

1,5 GB


50 h

1 GB


200 pages pr. day in 1 month

3 GB

Youtube (360p)

350 clips

1 GB


 1 hour

50 MB

* This data usage chart is only for guidance and may vary with phone type, coverage and other conditions.