Calling abroad?

We offer mobile plans with international minutes, data, SMS and unlimited minutes in Norway - All in one

Which countries do you call?

Where do you call? This map show you what countries are included in our different mobile plans

EU, Canada or USABeFree is the plan for you.

Africa, Asia or the Middle EastMultiZone is the plan for you.

New customer?

You first need a SIM-card, then activate it.
You can easily get a new SIM online here. (This requires either a norwegian personal identification number or a D-number.)

If you don't have this, you can still buy a SIM card at select outlets. Remember ID (personal identification)!

Where can I get MyCalls products?

Buy our products with a bank card, or pay by invoice online

Or, you can buy FlexiCard in select outlets, and order plans via SMS. 

Already bought FlexiCard?

Get information and help on how to order mobile plans via SMS here.